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Solo Show - Inner State Stories

Written and performed by Errol McLendon

Directed by Kim Morris

On a month-long memorial road trip following the death of his roadside-attraction loving mother, Errol revisits the lessons he learned from her on their many road-trips. Their memories of their early travels together became an oasis of calm when Alzheimer’s took her short term memory away.


A celebration of recollections and their power to keep people in our lives long after they are gone.

  • Show length  - 30 to 50 minutes

  • No special lighting or sound equipment needed

  • Ideal for small spaces and audiences

  • Ideal for retirement communities and roadside attractions

  • Workshop/discussion may be done before or after performance.

  • Workshop/discussion or performance may be done independently.


“ What a wonderful show today! I adored your story, I can just imagine you and your mum together on your journey! So glad to have been able to hear it "
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