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Road trips have always been a big part of my life. From driving to Dallas with my mom to driving a truck around west Texas with country music acts to many lost weekends in New Orleans, I've gathered memories and stories along the way. I can share my stories at your next private party, conference or event. I bet we have many similar recollections.

Long Form (45-60 minutes)


Inner State Stories

Written and performed by Errol McLendon

Directed by Kim Morris

Performed at Fillet of Solo, Jekot Theatre, Atlanta Fringe Festival, Indianapolis Fringe Festival, Orlando Fringe Festival

On a month-long memorial road trip following the death of his roadside-attraction loving mother, Errol revisits the lessons he learned from her on their many road-trips. Their memories of their early travels together became an oasis of calm when Alzheimer’s took her short term memory away.


A celebration of recollections and their power to keep people in our lives long after they are gone.

Unsettled Spirits

Written and performed by Errol McLendon

Performed at Fillet of Solo 2024

Do you believe in ghosts? Past unexplained events guided me naturally into four and a half years as a ghost hunter. The phenomena I personally witnessed left me believing in ghosts and a lot more.

Short Form (20-40 minutes)

Road Trip Stories


Road foods, roadside attractions and the Great American road trip. This program offers time for the listeners to share their travel experiences after the performance. Ideal for retirement communities and senior social groups.

Ghost Stories


Ghost stories will be chosen to match the audience’s sensitivities. Sweet and romantic, traditional, real life experiences from years of ghost hunting or truly terrifying. Perfect for the Autumn season.



My collection of Southern folk tales includes well-known stories along with tales I heard growing up in Mississippi, which have never been written down. Great for libraries and schools.

Boy Scout Stories

Stories from Errol's extended stay in the Boy Scouts including slightly breaking the rules, a real ghost story, and the power of your team's support. Includes a chance to see Errol's grandfather's 1912 Scout Manual given to him when his grandfather pinned his Eagle on him.


  • No special lighting or sound equipment

  • Ideal for small spaces

  • Adaptable for schools, libraries, and retirement communities

  • All shows have an optional conversation at the end about the theme of the show

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