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Storytelling Packages

Road trips have always been a big part of my life. From driving to Dallas with my mom to driving a truck around west Texas with country music acts to many lost weekends in New Orleans, I've gathered memories and stories along the way.

By booking here I can share my stories at your next private party, conference or event. I bet we have many similar recollections.

Road trip stories

A 30-minute program focusing on road foods, roadside attraction and the Great American road trip. The program then offers time for the listeners to share their travel experiences. Ideal for retirement communities and senior social groups.

Ghost stories


A 30-minute program of ghost stories. Stories will be chosen to match the audience’s sensitivities. Sweet and romantic, traditional, real life experiences from years of ghost hunting or truly terrifying. Perfect for the Autumn season.



My collection of Southern folk tales includes well known stories along with tales I heard growing up in Mississippi which have never been written down. Great for libraries and schools.

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