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Workshops and Coaching

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dramatic Storytelling

Everyone has stories to tell. You tell them at family gathering and to friends at parties. Starting with a simple three-sentence story and using theatrical techniques you will learn to emotionally relive your story, making the burden of memorization unnecessary. You will crate a personal story and present it to family and friends during the final class. Upcoming class information on the Events Calendar.

Customized Workshops

Workshops can be designed for your school, library or community center. Length can range from one hour to several weeks. Contact me to discuss how to introduce your group to dramatic storytelling.

Story and Solo Show Coaching


From ghost stories to folk tales to personal revelations, coaching can help identify and intensify the stakes so that you have the audience completely engaged. I will help you enhance what you are already doing well and identify places that beg for less focus without jeopardizing your individual voice and style.

Corporate Storytelling Workshop

People relate to stories more than a Yelp review or a list of bullet-pointed benefits. This four-hour workshop will guide you to harvest and develop stories that identify your brand and personalize your selling points. The final step is incorporating these stories when talking to your clients in order to make sales or to encourage donations. Works for retail businesses, service industries and non-profits.

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