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Workshops and Coaching

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


In addition to being an avid road tripper, I am a certified life and project coach and have facilitated workshops for individuals dealing with short-term memory lost. Many times distant memories remain intact. I offer workshops and discussions designed to mine these distant memories to achieve a feeling of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Dramatic Storytelling

Using theatrical techniques you will learn to emotionally relive your story. We will work on techniques that will make the burden of memorization unnecessary. This four week three hour course will take you from exploring possible story topics using 5 word stories to a final presentation and resources for telling stories on stages around town.

Well Spoken Public Speaking

How do actors look so at ease on stage. Using their techniques in the public speaking arena, you will learn about mind mapping, memorizing without memorizing and a pre-engagement routine to let you step in front of a group of people confidently and effectively. This eight week two hour course will give you plenty of practice of these techniques 


Memory workshop

Long-term memories are usually with us our entire life. Through a series of prompts, we delve back into our early years to explore where we came from and discover how much we have in common with others. Workshop is designed to run one to two hours and works well when paired with the solo show Inner State Stories.

Individual Story Coaching


From ghost stories to folk tales to personal revelations, coaching can help identify and intensify the stakes so that you have the audience completely engaged. I will help you enhance what you are already doing well and identify places that beg for less focus without jeopardizing your individual voice and style.

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